One of the most high-profile hits of the last time, the single XTRA VIRGIN by Serge Udalin overcame millions of views on the YouTube portal.
The video for this single was shot by director Vladimir Agranovich.

Released some time ago, the album of the group Reflex called Adult Girls, caused a lot of interest among the audience.
Serge Udalin remixed one of the singles from this album.

Perhaps, there is no such track by Artik & Asti that would not be a hit!
So now, the new single "Incredible" is a contender for the title of the main track this fall.

Friends, with great pleasure we present to your attention a remix of Serge Udalin on Anna Chernotalova's single - Even though.

Most recently, Serge Udalin took part in a remix contest held on the promodj portal together with Denis Klyaver on the single "When you become big."