The folk-rock band TaRuta has in the repertoire not only the processing of folk songs, but also the author's compositions. One of these, on the words of the Kiev poet Vasyl Kovtun, the group presented recently and called this song "Two".

Dear friends!
April 12, 2019 will be the premiere of a new single from Serge Udalin in all digital stores.

The title single and one of the hit songs of the album Xtra Virgin overcame the mark of 3 million views on YouTube.
Despite the fact that the single is 2 years old, it still remains relevant in the sound, and causes considerable interest among the audience.

Most recently, the release of the single Serge Udalin - Coming Home. The single was in the rotation of leading radio stations, and was well received by the audience.

Dear friends!
We are pleased to announce the release of the new single Serge Udalin.